Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Renting Indoor Plants for Profit

How to make money by renting indoor plants is perfect for someone that has already built a clientele by cleaning the insides of buildings. This can take the form of an additional service your company provides going beyond the usual cleaning services. It also provides an additional income stream to your existing business.

The necessary plants are available from your local wholesale greenhouse or nursery. This leads to yet another business called “Interior Landscaping” where you can charge an additional fee for maintaining the plants once you have rented them to the client.

This maintenance includes watering and pruning them on a regular basis. It also includes providing attractive containers to hold the plants that are available through wholesale florists. The containers from most greenhouses and nurseries leave much to be desired, and you can even charge an additional monthly fee for the new container.

To find clients for the service you can tell your existing clients about your new service and additional clients can be readily found in any place that contains offices or other commercial operations that could use a touch of color.

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