Sunday, September 26, 2010

Making money as a cook

If you ever get stuck with finding a job one that never goes out of style as well as being always in demand is a short order cook. There is hardly a restaurant in the world that isn’t always looking for a cook. The restaurant owners will often hire you on the spot so that all you have to do is put on an apron, and go straight to work in the kitchen.

You will be required to make light meals, hamburgers, hot dogs, salads and keep the coffee pot full. This is the ideal job when you are between jobs while you are looking for something else. The pay is good enough so many people make a lifetime career out of cooking, and may even become a chef preparing fancy dishes.

Even if you don’t cook restaurants are also looking for busboys dishwashers and waitresses. There are always employment opportunities to be had wherever they serve food.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Making money as a day laborer

Making Money by being a Day Laborer

A fast way to make money and usually be paid for your efforts at the end of the day is a day laborer. This way of making money can cover a multitude of sins ranging from being an agricultural laborer to a stevedore unloading ships. None of these jobs are such that they need a college degree to perform, but what they do need is some muscle. There are many firms that specialize in providing this kind of labor or there is another way of getting a day job just by showing up at an informal gathering of would be day laborers commonly called a shape-up. Here the laborers are hired for a wide ranging variety of jobs.

There are a vast number of jobs available at one of these informal gathering places where one day you might be hired to mow lawns, be a landscape laborer. In the winter you might be hired to shovel snow or drive a snow plow. During the fall you might be hired to rake leaves and clean up people’s yards. Some of the work might involve cleaning up construction sires after the other work is finished. If you have a car the job might be delivering pizzas or running errands. The variety of jobs are endless!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Renting Mineral Specimens for Profit

Not many people would think about renting mineral specimens for profit, but this outlandish idea works. Many offices use mineral specimens for decorations because they are attractive and require little or no care. By renting them the client gains flexibility on what he displays for his customers to view while in his office.

The specimens that are in the most demand are the showy museum grade specimens. These are not cheap, but they can be bought at wholesale prices at the larger gem and mineral shows like the one held every August in the Better Living Enterprises Building on the fairgrounds at West Springfield, Massachusetts. There are several of these large shows in all parts of the country advertised in the Rockhound Magazines. Fine showy mineral specimens can also be bought over the Internet. You can find dealers by typing “mineral specimens” into your browser.

Mineral specimens are nice because they require little or no care, and they can be swapped occasionally between between clients to keep something fresh before your clients customers eyes. Fine mineral specimens are also great conversation pieces.

One of the most effective places to display mineral specimens is in a glass topped coffee table where they are safe from pilfering or handling. These tables are usually custom built, but you can include the special tables or cases in the rental charge.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Renting Indoor Plants for Profit

How to make money by renting indoor plants is perfect for someone that has already built a clientele by cleaning the insides of buildings. This can take the form of an additional service your company provides going beyond the usual cleaning services. It also provides an additional income stream to your existing business.

The necessary plants are available from your local wholesale greenhouse or nursery. This leads to yet another business called “Interior Landscaping” where you can charge an additional fee for maintaining the plants once you have rented them to the client.

This maintenance includes watering and pruning them on a regular basis. It also includes providing attractive containers to hold the plants that are available through wholesale florists. The containers from most greenhouses and nurseries leave much to be desired, and you can even charge an additional monthly fee for the new container.

To find clients for the service you can tell your existing clients about your new service and additional clients can be readily found in any place that contains offices or other commercial operations that could use a touch of color.