Saturday, September 25, 2010

Making money as a day laborer

Making Money by being a Day Laborer

A fast way to make money and usually be paid for your efforts at the end of the day is a day laborer. This way of making money can cover a multitude of sins ranging from being an agricultural laborer to a stevedore unloading ships. None of these jobs are such that they need a college degree to perform, but what they do need is some muscle. There are many firms that specialize in providing this kind of labor or there is another way of getting a day job just by showing up at an informal gathering of would be day laborers commonly called a shape-up. Here the laborers are hired for a wide ranging variety of jobs.

There are a vast number of jobs available at one of these informal gathering places where one day you might be hired to mow lawns, be a landscape laborer. In the winter you might be hired to shovel snow or drive a snow plow. During the fall you might be hired to rake leaves and clean up people’s yards. Some of the work might involve cleaning up construction sires after the other work is finished. If you have a car the job might be delivering pizzas or running errands. The variety of jobs are endless!

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